Walking into Isec is like walking into a Buddhist monastery. Roughly-hewn wooden furniture and wafting ‘Om’ mantras humming in the air immediately soothe the soul. But Isec is an exciting new vegetarian restaurant, not a place of meditation, with some of the best cheap food going in Da Nang. It’s an incredible find and it’s classy too.

There’s plenty of elbow room at Isec and the furniture is geared to the larger Western frame. The whole space is a design triumph, more befitting New York or Paris in a funky Buddhist way.

Isec literally means warm in Vietnamese but the Chinese character means keeping your mouth closed and at Isec, the setting and the staff evoke the gentle Buddhist restraint that always uplifts and calms one.

Ceiling Light 2, Isec Vegetarian restaurant, Da Nang The food is outstanding and, with mains around 20,000 VND, cheaper than a cup of coffee elsewhere. Mushrooms, tofu, salads, soups and hotpots with ever so fresh ingredients are deftly spiced with intriguing combinations of flavour and texture.

Too new and too distant from the hurly burly to be discovered by Trip Advisor yet, don’t be fooled by Isec’s cheap prices. Isec is one of the best restaurants in Da Nang and it should be enjoyed by all. If you’re on a budget, however, you’ll probably want to move in.
Tofu with tomato sauce, Isec Vegetarian restaurant, Da Nang Staff and customers, Isec Vegetarian restaurant, Da Nang Featured Image. Rau Muon, Isec Vegetarian restaurant, Da NangHours: 6am to 10pm (every day)

Add: 152/3 Phan Thanh, Thanh Khe, Da Nang
Tel: 0901 126 626

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